International Youth Policy Cooperation and Cooperation Projects
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Germany and China  cooperate in the field of youth policy, with IJAB supporting the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) in managing the first few steps in the process and establishing a dialogue between the participating organisations. 

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Youth policy cooperation between Germany and Japan has a long tradition that goes back to a cultural treaty that was signed in 1957 between the Federal Republic of Germany and Japan. The first organised youth exchanges between Germany and Japan took place already between 1953 and 1964.

North Africa.
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Many international youth work organisations are considering how they can influence efforts to develop democratic structures and support the building of a civil society in the Arab world. IJAB organises study visits and provides information to organisations that wish to become active in North Africa.

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The joint interministerial agreement on youth policy cooperation of 18 April 1994 between the Federal Ministry for Women and Youth and the Directorate-General for Youth and Sport of the Republic of Turkey is currently the basis for youth policy cooperation between Germany and Turkey.

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Currently, the ministries responsible in Germany and Greece respectively are developing a joint concept for an increased cooperation that also includes the establishment of a German-Greek Youth Office. IJAB supports the promotion of the German-Greek youth exchange by offering information, networking and partner exchange facilities.

Promoting Mobility, Youth Information, Digital Youth Education and Participation
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The WebDays project is designed to encourage young people to think about digitalisation, consumer protection, media education and internet policy, develop their own opinions, and make their voices heard at the political level.

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Eurodesk is an information network spanning 33 European countries. Eurodesk Germany compiles information for young people all about going abroad and participating in international exchanges. The team provides neutral, free advice to all interested young people.

Kommune goes International.
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The Kommune goes International (KGI) network aims to strengthen international youth work at the local level and put it on a strong, long-term footing. IJAB uses the network to support local authorities that plan to introduce new or strengthen existing political processes to this end, providing them with a wide range of advisory services, networking assistance, training and information.
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How can digital participation encourage young people to participate in society and in political life? The project is about to launch an online platform offering relevant information and tools.

Advancement of International Youth Work

Innovationsforum Jugend global is an interactive service for professionalising and advancing the international youth work field. It gives experts, organisations, networks and interested partners working in in this are an opportunity to collaborate on developing strategies and professionalisation instruments.

Innovation Fund Projects.
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The Support for Innovation Fund Projects 2014 – 2016 encourages those responsible for the projects to exchange information and experiences, enables networking, and creates a framework for finding innovative aspects of the projects and developing them for use in international youth work.

Nachweise International is a multi-dimensional recognition scheme that documents young people's participation in international exchange projects and other activities and the skills they acquire in the process, and does so in an attractive way.

How can young people with disabilities get easy access to international youth work activities? The IJAB project VISION:INKLUSION seeks to answer that question. Representatives of the IYW community, disability community organisations, disability charities, researchers and administrators are working together to design an inclusion strategy for IYW by the end of 2017.

Aktionsbündis Anerkennung International.
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The Aktionsbündnis Anerkennung International aims to promote the recognition in society of skills acquisition through European and international youth work activities, and to forge an alliance of various actors from civil society, social partners, educational institutions, the federal and Länder governments and local authorities, education and youth policymakers and the private sector.

Our Training and Advisory Portfolio offers assistance to experts working in areas that are relevant to the international level. The documents provided here were either developed by IJAB or in cooperation by IJAB and a third party. (Documents only available in German, you will be forwarded to the corresponding German pages).

Information for Experts
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Fachkräfteportal is an information, cooperation and communication platform for experts working in child and youth services. It provides a transparent overview of the many online sources of information available to experts, and outlines current youth policy debates.

BildImage: Joerg Lantelme -, an information portal, is aimed at international youth work experts and multipliers and at those who wish to join that community. offers a broad range of information and practical tips for international exchanges and activities. makes international youth work projects easy!

European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy.
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The European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy is an online project run jointly by the European Commission and the Council of Europe that offers up-to-date information on youth and youth policy in Europe. This information is compiled and researched by correspondents working in the Member States. Germany is represented in this network through IJAB.

Youth Wiki.
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The Youth Wiki is an online encyclopaedia on youth policy in the EU Member States. Germany is represented in the Youth Wiki network by IJAB, the International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Youth Wiki will go live in 2017.

Expert Reports.
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IJAB monitors the developments taking place in international youth work and youth policy. Its observations are published on websites such as the Fachkräfteportal for child and youth services workers, and as well as in the form of expert reports aimed at policymakers, administrative bodies and other specialist audiences.

Regular Publications and other Services
Youth Work Translator.
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The Youth Work Translator supports communication with international partners in German, English, Greek and Chinese.

IJAB journal.
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The six-monthly publication IJAB journal presents the results of IJAB's work in the context of current youth policy developments at the national, European and international level. Its target audience consists of experts and multipliers active in international youth work and youth policy cooperation.

Forum Jugendarbeit International.
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Forum Jugendarbeit International reports on priority areas, the results of work programmes and discussions, approaches and experiences gathered in the area of international youth work and youth policy. It has been published on a regular basis since 1996.

Series Innovationsforum Jugend global.
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The series Innovationsforum Jugend global - Qualifizierung und Weiterentwicklung der Internationalen Jugendarbeit covers the outcomes of the 'innovation forum' of the same name that are produced by the participating organisations.

Perspectives on Youth.
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Perspectives on Youth is a new annual journal on youth policy, youth research and youth work that is co-published by IJAB. It serves to inform and promote a dialogue and reflection on European developments in these fields. 

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IJAB regularly organises events for a variety of target audiences. We use this section to inform the public about current calls for proposals, announcements of upcoming events as well as past events.

Research Database.
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The research database is indexed by key word and author and contains a range of publications and research papers on international youth work. Besides a listing of abstracts, it also contains links to the original sources and in some cases, downloadable versions of the entire documents.

Documents on international youth policy and youth work.
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The page Documents on international youth policy and youth work offers stakeholders, multipliers and other interested readers an overview of relevant, useful documents and decisions that have been adopted by national governments or at the European level (available in German only).

IJAB Language Services.
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IJAB Language Services is responsible for managing the specialist terminology used in the child and youth work community in Germany and abroad, which contributes towards improving language, technical and intercultural skills in this field. In other words, they are the experts when it comes to foreign language communication!

Affiliated Organisations

JUGEND für Europa is Germany's National Agency for the EU programme Erasmus+, the SALTO Centre for Training and Cooperation, and the liaison office for youth policy cooperation between Germany and the EU.

Project archive
Project archive.
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Our archive contains a structured overview of past IJAB projects (since 2011), listed by subject area.

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