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Project Archive

Our archive contains a structured overview of past IJAB projects (since 2011), listed by subject area.

International Youth Policy Cooperation and Cooperation Projects
eParticipation | EUth.
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The aim of EUth is to get more young people involved in political decision-making and increase youth trust in European political institutions. This will on the one hand be achieved by developing technical support: an open and easy-to-use online participation platform along with different mobile tools and apps for smartphones and tablets.

For young people all over the world, the transition from school to training and employment is a major challenge. With transitions, a multilateral cooperation project, Germany, Finland, France and Denmark have organised an exchange between international experts that delivers fresh ideas for shaping national youth policies and practices.

How can young people help to shape the digital society online? What's already been done in this area in Germany and abroad? These are questions that youthpart, a multilateral cooperation project, seeks to answer .

Promoting Mobility and Youth Information
BE AU PAIR - choose Those Who Care.
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With the information package BE AU PAIR - choose Those Who Care IJAB provides the necessary knowledge to au pair stays in Germany. The package is available in several languages.

JiVE promoted cooperation between organisations providing child and youth services to enable all young people can participate in non-formal education activities offered by international youth work organisations. JiVE seeked to promote cultural diversity in a respectful, careful manner.

watch your web.
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watch your web teaches young people about the importance of staying safe when using the internet. It informs them about participating safely in social networks, internet scams, keeping their mobile phones safe, and about data privacy, consumer protection and copyright on the web.

Learning through mobility should be a completely normal part of young people's lives, and the experiences they gain in the process must be recognised internationally. This is what the model project Cross-border learning mobility seeks to achieve.

Advancement of International Youth Work
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INTERNATIONALE JUGENDARBEIT IM PLAN (2014-2016) is a nationwide project being implemented within six selected municipalities, with the aim of using youth service planning as a device for designing and developing international youth work activities to suit local requirements.

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