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IJAB journal.
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The six-monthly publication IJAB journal presents the results of IJAB's work in the context of current youth policy developments at the national, European and international level. Its target audience consists of experts and multipliers active in international youth work and youth policy cooperation.

Forum Jugendarbeit International.
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Forum Jugendarbeit International reports on priority areas, the results of work programmes and discussions, approaches and experiences gathered in the area of international youth work and youth policy. It has been published on a regular basis since 1996.

Series Innovationsforum Jugend global.
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The series Innovationsforum Jugend global - Qualifizierung und Weiterentwicklung der Internationalen Jugendarbeit covers the outcomes of the 'innovation forum' of the same name that are produced by the participating organisations.

Perspectives on Youth.
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Perspectives on Youth is a new annual journal on youth policy, youth research and youth work that is co-published by IJAB. It serves to inform and promote a dialogue and reflection on European developments in these fields. 

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IJAB regularly organises events for a variety of target audiences. We use this section to inform the public about current calls for proposals, announcements of upcoming events as well as past events.

Youth Work Translator.
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The Youth Work Translator supports communication with international partners in German, English, Greek and Chinese.

Research Database.
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The research database is indexed by key word and author and contains a range of publications and research papers on international youth work. Besides a listing of abstracts, it also contains links to the original sources and in some cases, downloadable versions of the entire documents.

Documents on international youth policy and youth work.
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The page Documents on international youth policy and youth work offers stakeholders, multipliers and other interested readers an overview of relevant, useful documents and decisions that have been adopted by national governments or at the European level (available in German only).

IJAB Language Services.
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IJAB Language Services is responsible for managing the specialist terminology used in the child and youth work community in Germany and abroad, which contributes towards improving language, technical and intercultural skills in this field. In other words, they are the experts when it comes to foreign language communication!

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