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New edition of Forum Jugendarbeit International now out

The new edition of specialist publication Forum Jugendarbeit International focuses on shaping transnational child and youth welfare, specifically the capacity of international youth work and cross-border peer learning to advance and professionalise the child and youth welfare field in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

The consequences of globalisation have had a heavy impact on the realities of life for young people for quite some time now. The way in which they grow up today is more influenced by international and European developments than ever before. In addition, responsibilities and lawmaking are increasingly being shifted to decision-making bodies at EU level, producing new challenges for child and youth welfare and the professionals who work in this field. International youth work can help to overcome these challenges.

This edition seeks to address some of the resulting questions. What is the added value of cross-border cooperation for young people, actors and professionals working in this area as well as for social work?

What opportunities are opening up and how can international youth work help? How has the child and youth welfare community experienced the impact of the European and international dimension on its work so far? How can the insights gained from peer learning at the European and international level be transferred to child and youth welfare in Germany? And what do social work scholars have to say about this increasing Europeanisation and internationalisation?

Various contributors have sketched out their thoughts and insights in this edition of Forum Jugendarbeit International. Over and beyond this topic, the volume again contains other important insights contributed by practitioners and researchers working in international youth work and youth policy. Well-founded essays on social inclusion and diversity, personality development through international youth exchanges, and a number of summaries of recent (international) research projects on exchanges, some specifically on school exchanges, are also included.
The section on developments in international youth policy cooperation commemorates, amongst other things, a double anniversary with an article on five decades of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany and six decades of youth exchanges between them. Finally, the edition includes major opinion papers and statements by the German Child and Youth Welfare Association (AGJ), Deutscher Verein and IJAB on shaping transnational child and youth welfare, the priority theme of the edition.

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With a total of 25 contributions, the twelfth edition of Forum Jugendarbeit International again spans a broad range of essays and articles on international youth work and youth policy. The volume is designed specifically as an aid with great practical relevance for practitioners and experts who work or conduct research at the European and international level.

IJAB – Fachstelle für Internationale Jugendarbeit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e. V. (ed.): Forum Jugendarbeit International 2013–2015 (Kinder- und Jugendhilfe transnational gestalten), Bonn 2015, 408 pages, ISBN 978-3-924053-59-8 (in German with English/German abstracts)
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