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Perspectives on Youth publishes Issue on "Young People in a digitalised World"

Perspectives on Youth is a publication on youth policy, research and practice supported by the Youth Partnership, a shared initiative by the Council of Europe and the European Union. The recently published issue 4 deals with participation in the digitalised world and IJAB authors contributed significantly to it.

Perspectives on Youth
BildImage: Perspectives on Youth

Youth participation in the digitalised world is nowadays a topic of high interest in the public sphere. The authors of this publication aim to bring new perspectives and varied visions to the key questions of understanding how young people interact with all the opportunities the digital space has to offer, and how they can use this space for causes relevant not only for themselves, but also for the democratisation of the societies in which they live.

By doing so, the authors strive to build knowledge on this topic, illustrating how the digitalisation of contemporary European societies simultaneously offers significant opportunities and poses considerable challenges.

IJAB authors contributed to the recently published 4th issue of Perspectives on Youth:

A German translation of the new edition will follow later this year.

More information is available on the Youth Partnership website:

Source: Youth Partnership

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