„When can we drop the ‚e‘ in participation?“

Dokumentation des Peer-Learning-Seminars „e-participation & youth“ (19./20. August 2013 in Helsinki) in englischer Sprache.

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Helsinki, Finland. 30 people from various backgrounds met for two days to discuss one single topic: e-participation & youth. The project youthpart and its Finnish partner Koordinaatti invited experts from youth work, software development, open government, administration and young people themselves.

Overall the seminar aimed to take stock of youth policies on digital youth participation, the exchange of good practice and the further development of the „guidelines for successful e-participation by youth“.

The method of peer learning in the context of youth policy was the thread of the seminar: In groups of two the experts provided their feedback on the status of the guidelines at that point and thus contributed essentially to their improvement.

But also during the presentation of the eight good practice examples from Finland, Scotland, Austria, England, Germany and the EU, the project representatives focused on the lessons and experiences they made in practice, hence, going beyond the pure description of their projects! Overall, this seminar was filled with first-hand experience and proved to be an effective way in European policymaking.

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