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A Guide for Digital Youth Participation on the Participation Platform | English edition (download only). For ordering the brochure in print, please use the above link to the German edition (bilingual) (last updated: 2014)

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This booklet is about flexible and contemporary online participation for young people on the online platform Ypart. Ypart is a digital participation platform enabling and supporting young people to explore their interests, concerns and wishes in the form of self-determined projects. The platform Ypart is based on the concept “Liquid Democracy”. The basic idea of “liquid democracy” is to tap the full potential of the internet in order to achieve flexible forms of digital participation that allow young people to decide for themselves and by themselves about the topics, breadth and depth of their involvement. In this respect Ypart empowers young people not only to read, follow, discuss and evaluate proposals of their peers, but furthermore to autonomously and independently initiate their own projects. Ypart offers young people the opportunity to start their own initiatives, and to develop their visions and ideas, organising these together online with their peers.

Ypart is a flexible, durable and sustainable platform that seeks to amplify the possibities of participation for young people on the Internet. In doing so, young people should be able to decide when, where, how and to what extent they wish to get involved: for their association, city, municipality or school – in short for anything that interests them and has a bearing upon their lives. Ypart directly addresses young people, municipalities, youth organisations, and everyone who wants to actively involve young people in decision- making processes.

Ypart is an initiative of Youthpart, a project by IJAB, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. You can find Ypart on!

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